Sheduling Information



We will always encourage you to schedule your next appointment at the end of each visit,  however, if you find that you need to contact us regarding a change or to schedule a service, we ask that you contact your individual stylist directly. If you are unable to reach us, we invite you to take advantage of our state of the art voicemail system and leave a detailed message with your specific Fringe team member.  If you are new to Fringe, WELCOME, please leave a message in the general mailbox. Rest assured that your calls and messages are of top priority to us and we will make every attempt to return your call as soon as we are available. 

Stylist Contact Information

Bobbie Gerig-Plewa     260.348.3775

Angela Matteson        260.416.3325

Audrey Morgan          260.409.6274

Liz Baron                260.437.3080

Braye Miller             260.243.6282

Barbara Hall             260.348.3350

Libby Owen              260.908.0953

Melissa Rennaker       260.615.9051

Courtney Reiber         616.634.2971

Sue Stauffer             260.452.7411

Maria Fringerle          260.385.2738

Erinn Araujo             260.760.5132

Sam Whittecar           260.417.8015